Raising the ‘Barre’ at Yoga La Vie Fitness Studio

04 Feb Raising the ‘Barre’ at Yoga La Vie Fitness Studio

I for one never thought of myself as a fitness lover, I ate what I wanted and exercised only when I felt like it for the longest time. Recently found myself taking a lot more interest in body transformation videos and muscle movements like never before. A lot of people around me started to speak of fitness about a barre class at X studio, a Pilates class at Y while I just sat there listening in with nothing to contribute.

Not very long ago while driving down to Palm Jumeirah, I came across Yoga La Vie studios in the Golden Mile building. My curiosity got the best of me and I decide to go in and check it out. From the moment you enter the friendly studio, you are treated as an individual, whether you are looking for a challenging, core-strengthening Pilates, prenatal, recovery from injury or simply need a quiet hour of Yoga or Pilates at the end of a day. I was sold to the concept, the look, the feel, all that was left to do was try a workout.

The very first class I booked myself into was Mat Pilates for beginners, goes without saying had my ass kicked big time. Left with jelly legs that went onto becoming achy sore joints for 48 hours. It took all my will power to return to the studio 3 days later for another session.

Pilates Mat- Beginners

This class is designed to teach and reinforce the fundamentals and beginning movements. It is recommended for those who have never taken Pilates, less experienced Pilates participants, those recovering from an injury, or those who would like a gentler session.

The next session was Mat Pilates Intermediate. Pilates Mat – Intermediate are classes focused on developing core strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. The instructor presents the exercises at multiple levels, which allows students to choose to work at intermediate, or advanced pace. You learn to be aware of breathing patterns and spinal alignment while engaging the deep muscles of the core. Various props (e.g. flex bands, foam rollers, rings, light weights, and balls) are incorporated to enhance and intensify the workout.

What I love about the studio apart from the inviting vibe and great instructors are the the variety of classes being offered. There is something for everyone, from barre to yoga, to Pilates and even pre-natal workouts for the expectant mommies.

Next I tried out the Ariel Yoga workshop. This involved hanging from a hammock on the ceiling, will admit, I was quite terrified before but my hesitation soon left the building.

Ariel Yoga is an all-levels class that will leave you feeling free and light. The hammock is used as a prop to help you work through a series of standing postures, planks, and inversions allowing you to build heat, strength, and flexibility. Class concludes with savasana in the hammock for a truly blissful experience of being wrapped in silk, feeling safe and fully supported. Advanced reservations are required and late cancellations may result in a late fee.

The journey has just began with a long long way to go. Keep following my fitness journey with Yoga La Vie on my instagram page @injeel_thebeautyblogme

If you find yourself inspired to go own the fitness route too then visit www.yogalaviedubai.com and get yourself booked in.

Until next time, stay healthy, stay beautiful, stay you!


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