My Be Bar Experience – Blow-dry Extraordinaire

18 Mar My Be Bar Experience – Blow-dry Extraordinaire

Last week I had little pop down at the Be Bar Blow Dry bar located on Jumeirah Beach road. What attracted me to this place was the unique entrance area, a bright blue door that welcomes you into a different world altogether.

I was booked in for a blow dry and braid style experience. I was welcomed by the friendly receptionist upon my arrival and seated at one of the styling station on the big round table that seats 5 people at once. Soon after my lovely stylist for the day, Sashi came around with an iPad and took me through the different blow-dry styles suited for my hair. I opted for a beach waves look with half braid style.

Sashi then escorted me to the washing stations, a dimly lit room equipped with 3 hair wash stations and a plush cushion chair that extends all the way back to the head basin. Here I’d like to mention that I have never felt more comfortable during a hair wash, it was absolutely dreamy. Sashi shampooed my hair twice followed by a head massage and conditioning. I was then escorted back to the styling station and the magic began.

Half way through the blow dry one of the ladies came over asking if I would like a hand massage. She then went on to massage both my arms as the stylist tactfully styled my hair. The stylist was quick with her hands and within 20 minutes had my mane all done up beautifully. I almost wanted to sit there just a little longer only because the interiors were so inviting and the service just so good.

Sky Blue and white make most part of the blow dry bar’s interiors with a little beige thrown in for good measure. There is also a 3 mirror station where you can see all sides of your head post your blow dry in case there is anything you’d like to change or adjust.

Soon after my treatment I was on my way out bidding goodbye to the lovely staff, mentally booking my next appointment already. I sprinted down the staircase and just as I was stepping out looked over on my left into the lovely mirror at the entrance winking at myself! 😉

Be Bar is hands down the best blow-dry experience I have ever had. What makes them so good is that they are not trying to master everything beauty related instead focus on hair services alone. Do book yourself an appointment and judge, my work here is done.

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