Spa Trek: Lounging in the Lap of Luxury – The Artist Beauty Lounge

28 May Spa Trek: Lounging in the Lap of Luxury – The Artist Beauty Lounge

It does take a lot to get me to drive down to the other side of town but when the destination is as tempting as this chic beauty spot it becomes quite worthwhile. I was invited for an afternoon of pampering down at the Artist Beauty Lounge located in Oud Metha. The elite beauty lounge boasts an ambiance of luxe, chic sophistication that pervades as one step into the world of beauty.
I was booked in for their luxurious 24 karat gold facial treatment on the day and upon my arrival I was taken into one of their cozy treatment rooms post a mini skin consultation. The therapist assigned to me did a quick analysis of my skin and recommended a few tips and tricks to utilize on a daily basis.
The gold facial is a very unique kind of treatment that utilizes actual gold during the process, a thin film of 24k gold is applied on which is quickly absorbed into the skin following a light facial massage. The facial involves 3 face masks in total ahead of a through cleansing, scrubbing and extraction routine, really cleaning out the skin and eliminating any / all impurities.
The facial was followed by a brief neck, shoulder and back massage slipping me into uber relaxation zone. The treatment is a 90 minute procedure and costs AED 500. It might be worth noting that the treatment is also available as part of the different packages that the salon offers to its customers.
Results for the facial were visible almost immediately however the actual glow really came about 48 hours later. I was quite impressed with the results and what it did for my skin, it helped brighten, lighten as well plump up and lasted for a week.
What made the experience all the more rewarding was the vibe in the space, the Artist Beauty lounge boasts feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth and love; the space has warm and inviting soft pink interiors almost giving you the feeling of being inside a doll house. The architecture of the space is lofty and airy.  It is done in a palette of white and pink with harmonious hues reminiscent of love and care and interspersed with modern touches of black and gold. 
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