Review: Haircut Experience Redefined at Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa

10 Jun Review: Haircut Experience Redefined at Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa

Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa is located in the affluent district of Jumeirah and has quickly established itself as the go-to salon for the sophisticated and glamorous residents of Dubai as a result of its luxurious setting, immaculate services and highly trained therapists. I went in there recently to try out their much talked about ‘method hair cut’ a couple of weeks ago.

The ‘Method’ cut which considers the natural fall of the hair and allows the hair stylist to enhance the individual beauty of every client through customizing the cut to the specific hair type and characteristics of the individual person. I was booked in with one of the senior stylists (Elisa) and following a consultation session we kicked off with the lock chop chop session.

I’m sure many of you can relate to the feeling of fear when getting your hair cut especially when you do not wish to do away with a lot of your length, surprisingly this time around I felt very confident in the hands of the stylist and put my head back to let her do her thing. The stylist uses a different kind of a scissor that is half comb and half scissor that smoothly glides through the hair cutting through split ends and rough edges.  What impressed me most about the hair cut was the fact that it looks good even without styling, you can step out the shower, run your blowdry for a couple of minutes and you are good to go – I haven’t had such a result with any hair cut previously.

The hair spa also offers hair treatments and coloring, manicures, pedicures, nail enhancements and add on services utilizing Voesh products and waxing and threading services with Lycon wax. The services were top of the line, with great attention to detail, cleanliness and customer service, walked out feeling a like a new me.

Pop down to Rossano Ferretti for all your pampering needs but be sure to give the ‘Method cut’ a whirl on your next stop, trust me it will be worth your while 😉

Method Haircut price – AED 950

A little about the RF Hair Spa….

With over 20 salons in the most sought-after locations worldwide, Rossano Ferretti is the beauty industry’s leading name in hair care. Leveraging a unique brand philosophy and hairstyling technique entitled “The Method”, Rossano Ferretti hairspas offer highly personalised services that maximise the individual beauty and overall wellness of each client.
The only luxury hairdresser in the world with such a strong global presence and an extensive number of salons bearing his name, Rossano Ferretti owes much of his success to the signature beauty concept and technique “The Method” or Il Metodo, as Ferretti refers to it. Recognised by the beauty industry for this revolutionary technique Il Metodo is celebrated for functioning as an invisible haircut that allows one’s hair to fall with natural movement. Balayage and Aquarella colours are a must and follow same philosophy. Drawing a connection between the personality, body and hair of each individual, Il Metodo is practiced in all of Rossano Ferretti’s salons and is designed to maximise one’s natural beauty, regardless of hair type or ethnic background. Each stylist trained in Il Metodo spends at least six months training in Parma, Italy, where the story all started with the first Rossano Ferretti Salon.


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