Tried n Tested: Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer – Not Just Hot Air!

11 Jun Tried n Tested: Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer – Not Just Hot Air!

Full disclosure, I was a little too excited when the Dyson box arrived at my door step, after hearing so much about the device, it felt almost to good to be true finally getting my hands on it.

The Dyson Supersonic launched  last year with a lot of noise, tons of advertising and lots of good PR backing it up, but the one question on everyone’s lips was – is it worth the splurge? Priced at a whooping  AED 1,499, the hairdryer promises to be a device like no other, lets discover…

One thing team Dyson have got a 100% right is the look and feel of the product, the sleek design and pop of pink make it an almost irresistible pick. On first impressions, the Dyson is quite lumpy in size and appears to be heavy, however once lifted is actually quite light and easy to hold up. It comes with three styling attachments—two to direct airflow, and a diffuser—snap onto the handle with magnets. You can rotate the attachments and swap them quickly and easily. The dryer works just fine without them, but they’re handy if you need to direct airflow at a brush, or spread it out to get well-defined curls. One quibble: The cord is a bit bulky, but that is actually helpful as it resists tangling.

A pair of buttons are intelligently engineered around the rim of the device making for easy adjustments with your thumb as you works you way through your locks. The Supersonic offers three speeds and three temperatures. The max level is what you would expect —Dyson’s experience controlling airflow is on full display here. You’ll find the power button on the handle, and, in a cool trick, the Supersonic saves your preferred settings when you switch it off.

Expect frizz free hair and a smooth shiny finish once you are completed with the session. Does it dry quicker than your average hairdryer? I would say 25% so but nearly not as quickly as half the amount of time.

So, is the Dyson Supersonic worth the splurge?

The Verdict – While it is quite a handy device with great results, the price is a little too much on the higher side, so I would say No! but then again if you have got the moolah then look no further than Dyson for your hairdryer needs.

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