New on the Block: Horizon Kids Nursery

24 Sep New on the Block: Horizon Kids Nursery

Starting nursery can be enormously beneficial for children and their families,     yet it can also be an anxious time too. So what can be done to make the process of settling children into nursery positive both for the child and their parents?

“Children who have a positive start to their new environment are more likely to feel comfortable, relaxed and valued, feel good about themselves as learners and have a sense of belonging to the nursery community. Most children settle in without too many concerns but there are some children who need more time to develop trust,” said Sandra Stow, Nursery Manager, Horizon Kids Nursery.

Horizon Kids British Nursery School in Dubai, offers the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum. The curriculum is delivered by qualified Early Years teachers, supported by trained teaching assistants, class room assistants, nurses and housekeepers.

Horizon Kids British Nursery is passionate about quality provision in the early years. It recognises that children grow and develop at different rates and supports each child based on their individual needs and requirements.

To ensure your child settles well in the nursery, Horizon Kids Nursery practices the following-

  • We offer a settling in period. Depending on the child and family circumstances we are happy to offer a settling in period. We offer shorter hours for a few days with parent support.
  • We invite parents to stay for a few minutes and actively encourage five or so minutes play before a solid loving goodbye.
  • We ask parents to let us know if there has been a change in circumstances/routine. This is very important as small changes can make a huge difference!
  • We ensure that classrooms are child-friendly and welcoming, the activities are engaging, each child is greeted warmly by name, recall their ‘play’ at nursery through ‘do you remember’ – to reinforce previous learning and experiences.
  • We show the child where to put their belongings in the named cubby. This gives the children a sense of belonging and comfort.
  • We encourage the children to get busy, to help with distraction.
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