From Salad to Skin with StarSkin Beauty!

16 Jan From Salad to Skin with StarSkin Beauty!

Leading the pack in the Superfood Skincare Trend, global sheet mask authority STARSKIN® introduces JuiceLab® – a collection of three professional strength Vitamin C face sheet masks packed with ash freeze-dried 75% Vitamin C crystals and an Activator Serum to deliver a nutri-boost for the skin and reveal maximum glowing results.

Designed to be a “power smoothie for healthy, glowing skin”, each JuiceLab Power C+ Booster Mask comes with a shot of Activator Serum, a highly nutritive juice serum brimming with antioxidant-rich berries and nutritive leafy greens, sprouts, lentils – and more Vitamin C, to power-up the most diligent skincare routines.


STARSKIN co-founder Nicole Arnoldussen says, “The development of JuiceLab is inspired by trendy and cold-pressed juice bars, and how health-conscious consumers are incorporating superfoods to their juices, morning smoothies and even meals, to power up their nutritive intake.”


Vitamin C has long been hailed as one of the best-kept skincare secrets, celebrated for its incredible anti-aging, skin-refining and glow-inducing benefits. However, it has one drawback. Vitamin C is a particularly unstable ingredient and in serums, it quickly oxidizes and loses its efficacy over time with exposure to light and heat. That’s why each JuiceLab Power C+ Booster Mask is embedded with pure 75% Vitamin C crystals that have been ash freeze-dried to maintain its original strength until ready for use. Simply pour in the Activator Serum into the mask to saturate the cotton mask, and you’ll enjoy the freshest and most powerful Vitamin C mask treatment that reveals smoother, glowing and more youthful-looking skin in just 15 minutes!
 Nicole says, “With JuiceLab, we want to put the spotlight back onto this single most powerful skincare superhero – with an innovative twist, to unleash and amplify its full skin refining and glow-inducing effects.”


The use of superfoods, fermented botanicals and potent skin-loving ingredients are the core of all STARSKIN formulations, shares co-founder Nicole Arnoldussen, and the crossover of superfoods into skincare is not new to STARSKIN. Nicole says, “We firmly believe that ingredients matter. All STARSKIN’s high-performance sheet masks are packed with not just most potent, natural botanical extracts, but also the most effective skin-loving ingredients to bring about healthy, glowing skin – within minutes. Now that’s STARSKIN!”

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