Facial Review – Marzia Clinic

17 Mar Facial Review – Marzia Clinic

A lot has been said about facials, how often should we get them, should we get them done at the spa or at home, should we exfoliate the skin or not… and it goes on. I always strive to get in a facial locked in at least once a month, our skin collects so much of debris from left over makeup and dirt and grime from the air that it only makes sense to get it all out every few weeks. I recently checked into Blush n Curls salon to experience the much talked about Marzia Clinic facial.

Marzia Clinic, the first ever DermoBio Molecolare cosmetic line have launched their signature CromoAroma facials for both in-spa and at-home use. The Italian brand have used their passion for alternative and natural remedies to develop a unique range of skincare treatments that combine chromotherapy/colour therapy, Aromatherapy, and the latest generation key ingredients to provide stressed and toneless skin with a surplus of energy and nourishment.

All CromoAroma facials use a balanced combination of Colour & BioAroma Oils to enhance the well-being of the body focusing not only on the physical state but the emotional and psychic state of the skin as well. The BioAroma oils used are 100% pure, of natural origin extracted from barks, resins, flowers and fruits.  All products are Paraban and Preservative free, mineral oil free, silicone free, alcohol free and are vegan certified.

The treatment at Blush n Curls kicked off with a relaxing foot ritual followed by a color test that the therapist did with me. I was asked to choose three colors that most caught my attention and each of those colors denoted a skin treatment that I was in need of, i.e calming, hydration and so on.

We narrowed down to the color blue which helps with calming and soothing the skin – the best fit for me as I have very sensitive skin which was particularly acting up that week.

The therapist began with a relaxing back massage followed by the standard facial steps including cleansing, extracting, exfoliating, masking and toning.

The entire process took about 90 minutes, I was a little rushed for time on the day thus had to wrap up in an hour but I wish I had gone in on a day where in I could have relaxed and immersed myself in the treatment completely.

My Skin felt very calm immediately after the facial and there was a glow for 3-4 days following  the treatment. The highlight of the facial experience for me was when the mask was being applied, it was light, cool and felt really good on the skin.

I would like to give a special mention to the therapist at Blush n Curls who did my facial, she was a thorough professional, extremely knowledgeable and did a great job all over giving me tips on skin care through out the process.

Though it is recommended to get a facial done every week, I personally feel once every 3 weeks is quite substantial. If you are looking to try out a new treatment, do give this one a whirl, neither you nor your skin will be disappointed!


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